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A sensitive subject, with wrong information about it all over the place.
Here’s our question: if our skin is our largest organ and it is so fundamental as it protects all our other organs, why don’t we treat it with more delicacy and tenderness that it deserves? you wouldn’t scratch a baby’s skin as harshly as you probably do yours, or let it get burnt in the sun as you most likely every so often do let yours.
The problems that afflict it are always under our eyes and very often we cannot admit how much discomfort it causes. We therefore decided to dedicate a lot of space to skin in our range, creating a series of products that help the patient in his/her pathologies.
We have worked hard with our research team, carrying out clinical studies that reinforce and confirm our ideas, which are at the basis of our products. We are sure that you will benefit immediately.
The skin is the largest organ of our body: about 2 m2. It is a fundamental organ because it protects the internal organs; it is indispensable for thermoregulation; it defends us from external aggression; it is connected to our Central Nervous System through the microbiome; it is a dynamic organ because it regenerates every 28 days.
Why do we need to keep it healthy and intact? Any possible irregularity of the skin is a risk. We know that if there are alterations, these are controlled and corrected but if they occur chronically, we can incur in pathologies.
Atopy, seborrhoeic dermatitis, skin discolourations, inflammations and alterations are the basis of skin diseases that must be controlled and prevented (Leslie Baumann, Cosmetic Dermatology – second edition).


Food Supplement

Food Supplement for skin care in cases of chronic skin pathologies with inflammation and itching.



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