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Menthol: not just the ‘freshmaker’

When we talk about hair health we must always take into consideration the importance of scalp health. Because, unlike what our hairdresser tells us, hair grows from the roots and not from the ends! There can be problems that may affect hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia, but there are also alterations that affect the […]

Pink from flamingos as an aid for the beauty and health of our skin!

Ever heard of the chemical compound called ‘astaxanthin’? It’s the molecule that gives the pink colour to the flamingos! It also represents one of the strongest antioxidants for the human skin. Its characteristic bright red-orange colour occurs in salmon flesh and shellfish from which flamingos absorb their characteristic colour. Astaxanthin is primarily biosynthesised by various […]

Spices for Spicy Sex

As we all know, Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and lust. From her name comes the word aphrodisiac, which means everything that stimulates sexual ardour and performance. Since ancient times both men and women have always recognised the stimulating properties of certain foods and spices. Even in the Bible, in the […]